Junior day from the Dutch breed club HBC

Junior day from the Dutch breed club HBC

Honorable judges:

Mr. H. Hoenderken (Males)

Mrs. Timmermans-Kadenko (Females)

JHD2010 Aderfia Klemente

Aderfia Klemente

2nd place superbaby class males and perfectly handled by his owner my brother Piet (-:


JHD2010 Aderfia Juan

Aderfia Juan

4th place superbaby class males

JHD2010 Aderfia Joanna

Aderfia Joanna

3rd place superbaby class females

JHD 2010 superbaby teefjes

Aderfia Kesara

2nd place superbaby class females

We want to thank Herman from Kezona French Bulldogs and Fred de Bie from Muppy Place French Bulldogs for the lovely pictures and of course the owners from our Aderfia puppies for a nice day.

We also want to congratulate our friends Vinus & Sabina from Of Little Bombardier with their result from Merceditas of Little Bombardier winning best female in show.

Merceditas 09-2010 1

Merceditas of Little Bombardier

Merceditas her mother is Aderfia Florence