International show Bleiswijk - Netherlands

International show Bleiswijk - Netherlands

Breed judge: Mr. G. Christensen (Denmark)

Group judge: Mrs. CE. Cartledge

Aderfia Exor Bleiswijk 2010 site

Aderfia Exor

2nd place excellent open class at his first time out on a show

Thank you Pieter for showing Exor, you did a great job

Congratulations to Exor his owner, family van den Nouweland and thank you for showing him


It is a strange world (-:

Humphrey Bleiswijk 2010 site

Pictured by Jerry de Vries

Humphrey Dicorci

1st open class - Best male with CAC - CACIB

Merceditas 09-2010 1

Merceditas of Little Bombardier

We want to congratulate our friends Vinus & Sabina with the following success of Merceditas:

1st junior class and with this win a new Dutch junior champion

Best female with CAC - Best of breed - 5th in group IX

Merceditas comes out of the combination between Champion Frodo of Little Bombardier & Aderfia Florence (-: