In loving memory

Aderfia Cane

 Aderfia Cane  Aderfia Cane 9mnd

Aderfia Cane

12-2006 / 11-2011

Cane was proudly owned by our good friends John Gillesen & family. We want to thank them for their great love and care and wish them strength the upcoming time. R.I.P. big friend!

Aderfia Amadeus

Aderfia Amadeus

Aderfia Amadeus

10-03-2005 / 10-05-2010

Aderfia Amadeus 8 weken

Boris as this lovely boy was called by his owners died way to soon at the age of only 5 years. He lost his fight against cancer and therefore it was needed to let him go so soon. We want to thank my brother Cees and his wife Addy for their love and care for Boris these last 5 years.


Our first French Bulldog and our start in the breed Kane died at the 8th of August 2009

20-02-2001 / 08-08-2009


Good by great friend!